Monday, January 17, 2011

January Superheroes

A few weeks ago, I was idly browsing through Crazy Guy on a Bike journals and I came across the journal of Nicole Blouin who is undertaking a project where she plans to live on a bike for the next several years.  This idea sounds fantastic and she obviously has some deep thoughts about this as her journal shows.

Nicole began her trip with a Superhero Bike tour.  I had never heard of this group, but the idea was almost instantly appealing.  The superheroes are a loose group of cyclists who meet and embark on tours with community service in mind.  A great article about the tours can be found here.

As I loved this idea, but had just missed the Austin tour, I decided that it would be doable to organize a mini superhero ride here in Chicago.  I set it for Martin Luther King Jr. day as I had the day off of work and like the idea that it should be a day on....not a day off.

The weather wasn't horrible, but it is January and we are in Chicago.  I knew that we wouldn't have a large crowd.  I was joined by

Ruth Vader Ginsburg, AKA, Moral Hazard, AKA, Zealous Zalenski:

The Blue Menace:

And, of course, Captain Cowgirl:

Naturally, I was General Sunshine:

Since it was a snowy, and cold day, we just did some minor clean up in Humboldt Park in Chicago's west side.  We placed quite a bit of trash in it's rightful place. The weather was certainly a hinderance, but overall, it was a fantastic time.  Just riding around the city with my cape aflutter prompted cheerful honks, many waves, spontaneous applause, and even a proclamation of love.

Doing things out of the ordinary is absolutely worth the risk of embarrassment.  Hopefully you'll see me out in my cape again soon.

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