Friday, January 14, 2011

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

It wasn't until an alert co-worker sent me an email that I even knew about the existance of National Dress Up Your Pet Day. This was only unfortunate in that I had already dressed my pet once this week.

Cat in a balloon dress

I felt like I had really jumped the gun...however, I'll take this opportunity to come clean.

The fantistic fashion that you see Napoleon sporting was actually not Haute Couture.  Not....Napoleon was wearing a *gasp*  hand-me-down.

Original design

 It's somewhat shocking, but it's the truth.  After a month, a person-size custom design, was then fitting for a cat. And this is the reason why Napoleon wouldn't show her face.  She wasn't upset about being forced to wear clothing...she was ashamed that the duds weren't designed for her.

Hopefully I will soon have a dress that Napoleon will be proud to show her face in.  But in the meantime, please dress your own pets in honor of this important date.

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